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Chapter Nine: The Mirror is Always Broken

“Father Lucifer, you never looked so sane

You always did prefer the drizzle to the rain

Tell me that you’re still in love with that milk maid

How’s the Lizzies? How’s your Jesus Christ been hanging?

Nothing’s going to stop me from floating…”

Tori Amos . Father Lucifer




The music spilled like milk through the house, the speakers mounted in the ceiling poking and prodding them with the early beats of Nine Inch Nails, sending their minds soaring to levels they would never notice. Beth, he knew was somewhere, mingling with David, and maybe Kathryn if she had decided to stick around through their flirtation, but he doubted that, it seemed to irritate her more than it did him.


“This boy, this boy has character.” A voice behind him called out, “Even if it’s bad character.” The room snickered and a hand dropped onto his shoulder. Josh spun around and relaxed with a sigh.


“Crayon, have you seen Beth or Kathryn, by chance?”


“Kathryn’s upstairs, first bedroom on the right. She’s just sitting there alone, staring into infinity. Are things okay with her and David?”


“I don’t know, where’s David?”


“Uh… he and Beth went outside a few minutes ago. Out back.”


Josh recoiled and headed up the stairs. First door on the right. He swung the heavy door open and stared at Kathryn, lying on her back, eyes fixed on an invisible point on the ceiling.  Her arms were laced under her head, and a smug sneer twisted her face in a light, almost invisible shadow. “Outside, aren’t they, Josh?”


“Yeah, they are. Want a drink?”


“What do you have?”


“I got you a rum and coke, if you want it?”


“That’ll be fine.” Her voice was cold as she repositioned herself and sat up, looking at him longingly. “Josh, can I be honest with you for a second?” the words seemed thawed a bit, but were still frostbitten.


“Of course.” He sat next to her, facing the side wall, his back stretched forward, his elbows resting on his knees and his drink, wet with dew, chilling his fingertips. Sighing deeply, he felt her reach along his side and take the rum and coke from the night table, brushing against his forearm and thigh.


“I really don’t think that you and her are meant for each other. Maybe her and David, but not you and her. She’s too solid, to earth-bound. I’ve seen you, I’ve seen inside your head – you’re an airborne spirit. You’re destined for great things, but with her hanging on, you’re not going to reach the clouds, hell, you’re not even going to get off the ground.”


“I know, Kathryn. Believe me, I know. More than you realize, but still. I can’t. It is about comfort, I’m not going to deny that. But it’s also about circumstance. We’re stuck in the lease for a few more months, and maybe – maybe this is just a rough patch. We’ve had them our entire lives. Granted, it was usually because I fucked someone else. But that’s irrelevant.” He chuckled at his loose morals, and he smiled at his self-deprecation. “I mean, I admit it, I’m the one who fucks up, not her.” He felt her hand slip across his upper shoulder, pulling his nearer to the bed, his head resting lightly in her lap.


“Josh, shut up.” Her scent swallowed his head, sending his mind into a small orbit around the universe. Leaning down, her honey blonde hair hanging over her face, framing her cold, blue eyes, their lips brushed and their tongues mingled. Breaths caressed breaths, and hands traced softly over curves and contours. Drawing back slightly, he looked up at her, their lips an inch apart.


“I need to close the door.” He rolled off the bed; latching and locking the solid oak door. Crossing the room, he fingered through a small stack of CD’s, finally deciding that the album being piped through the house was perfect. And he started the construction of his own pretty little hate machine. Looking down at her, her eyes full of knowledge, lust, independence and pain, stared back at him, feeling the same thing he did –




× X ×


Her face, framed by her ebony hair, shown brightly in the intense light coming from the crescent moon, the branches of the trees around them pattering like a million faeries dancing in the wind, and all David could do was stare deep into her deep, brown eyes. Her soft, petite fingers grazed over the edge of his jaw and down his neck, fingernails scraping lightly at the warm flesh.


Beth leaned closer to him, their breath hot against each other, creating a tornado when they kissed, their tongues swirling around each other in the chaos of the twister. Hands groping blindly at flesh; pinching and tweaking sensitive areas, peaks and valleys being reached within seconds. The temperatures in their bodies rising, their muscles tightening, their libido’s screaming, and their minds shrieking blindly into the night, grabbing onto everything they could find – eyes open wide, they could see the answers to the world. Unbelievably clear.


“David…” she moaned quietly.


“Yes, baby?” he asked, catching his breath, feeling for the first time how hard his heart was hammering against his ribcage.


“Where’s Josh? What if he comes out here? I mean, fuck… the other night, he was at work, we knew he wouldn’t be able to come in.”


“Then we’ll stop.” He sighed, looking up at the house, through an open window. “There he is.” He added softly, watching as Josh stared up at the moon, a halo of smoke circling his head. Beth’s head swung around, and watched Josh as he smoked and spoke with the man in the moon, something she knew him to do regularly, even if the man in the moon wasn’t around.


She reached up, drawing David’s face nearer, kissing him deeply, passionately. The tornado within the confines of their lips beginning again.








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