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Chapter Ten: Journal of the Gods (Wombs and Tombs Mix)

“I have a hand in all things that go on

sitting in place known as middle ground

or maybe I’m in seat and I’m sitting in the foreground

but what if that chair, it was empty

I’m looking through the mind’s eye

Spending time out of mine

I’m looking through the mind’s eye

Time out of mind…”

Souls at Zero . Mind’s Eye




So, here we are, once again. The money’s ready to start buying air-time at WATM, and then… and then… aaand theeeen! It’ll be our time to shine. The way I see it, we get the show going, then we get the signatures to make it legit; then, well, we’ll see from there. I don’t exactly know yet. But yeah, we’ll see.


“I guess we’ll just see what we’ll see, now won’t we?”


I got a call from my mom this morning. She seemed a bit weepy. Turns out she left my dad. She didn’t give me the particulars, and I don’t want to know them. None of my fucking business. I know she’s been cheating on him for like four years now, so fuck ‘er. She wanted me to try and get her in at the hotel. I will. I know I will. I just want to know why she doesn’t shack up with her fucking loverboy. I’m sure that’s why she’s gone. Either dad figured it out, or she finally decided it was time. She always said; “Josh, once you’re really gone, I’m leaving your father.” Cunt. Whatever. Fuck ‘er.


“Love is suicide.”


And in other news:

I’m a rat fucking bastard. Fucked around on Beth, again. Again. What a funny concept. Kind of like “Don’t make the same mistake… twice.” Doesn’t that imply three mistakes? The first mistake, the same mistake again, and then… the same mistake … twice. Hmph. Whatever. Irrelevance. Such a prick. I might as well just chain my balls to the town square and let the masses prod them with hot pokers and/or needles. Yeah, and they’ll do the autopsy, and find, like Fish, a slew of needles deep in my groin. He was a bit fucked up, I think. A true psycho. Figures, since the book and/or movie were based loosely on his… atrocities.


What a funny world in which we live. We’re such a fear-mongering nation. All we want is to be afraid. If it isn’t of the Arabs, it’s of the kidnappers. If it isn’t the kidnappers, it’s the ozone. If it isn’t the ozone, it’s something else. Everything but what we should really be afraid of. Our government and our religions. No, not those two things. Never. They’re always right. They never err, they’re infallible. Like computers. Silly fucking country. Sick goddamned culture.


We’re so obsessed with (R)evolution, we don’t even realize a simple matter of physics. Revolution – what revolves? Records. Roundy roundy round. That’s all; same shit, different day. Nothing new, nothing evolved, just the same fucking thing over and over and over and over and over. No. We need to take a step up, we need to evolve. We need to move forward. We … we need to expire, already.


Well, we should be thrown out. We’ve already expired.


[Signed: Josh]






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