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Chapter Fifteen:// Journal of the Gods (Broken Hope Mix)

“I’d listen to the words he’d say

But in his voice, I heard decay

The plastic face forced to portray

All the insides left cold and gray

There is a place that still remains

It eats the fear, it eats the pain

The sweetest price he’ll have to pay

The day the whole world went away”

Nine Inch Nails . The Day the World Went Away




Watch it, now. This is the end of an era. It’s fragile and dying. It’s decayed and frayed and ready to break. Be careful, or else it’ll shatter into a million fragmented pieces that we can never repair. Take it easy, or else you’ll stop the pulse. The beating heart of a life, this era is. The beating heart of a faux-being. A façade wrapped monolithic juggernaut of deception and lies. None if this is true, none of what they’re told. But they buy it all. They but it hook line and sinker. Funny, isn’t it? they think they’re free, but they’re not. They’re freedom is both free and dumb. The wool has been pulled over their eyes, and we are going to set them free. Take away their chains and show them a life without bondage.

The heat is coming. This is the boiling point.

Break the egg. Watch it shatter.

Don’t use the elevator, take the stairs. When you use the lift, you miss so much. It’ll be a long and strenuous process, but it has to be done. We’ve been lying at the bottom complacently, growing stagnant and putrid. A decayed corpse of breathing and breeding matter. Taking more time and putting more energy into procreation, our species’ expansion than our own evolution. Step up and beyond, crushing whatever is under our feet. We have no time for lollygaggers or doppelgangers or any other method of bullshit disinformation. This is for us, and here we are. Taking what’s ours. What’s been bequeathed to us, but what we have let lay dormant for far too long. This is ours, and we’re going to fucking take it. we’re going to take our step up and we’re going to elevate ourselves to a higher plain of existence. No more fucking around. No more mister nice guy. No more, no more. No more, no more. None. Not one more ounce of this bullshit rhetoric and nonsense. Forward we move, and on we plow!


Take it in. Take it Deeper.



We have never seen anything like this before. This is the coming, the coming of not Christ, but our own evolution. First, the world will learn to think for themselves, and use their minds as tools instead of receptacles for the garbage they have been fed. The first generation will not be able to let go as fully, as easily, but their spawn will. Their spawn will take full control and absorb completely what they need to do to survive. Survive? No. I can’t be thinking that. No. That’s a Hitler-tarian thought. No, not Hitler, not violent enough, more segregated than that. Darwin. Social Darwinism to the nth degree. They do not meet the standards set for them, they are annihilated. No, I can’t do that. That’s psychotic. Fucking psychotic, man.


We’ve been mad for fucking years.


Fuck the masses and their evolution. This is about mine. I need to evolve, and if they want to, then fine. But I’m not going to force it upon them. No, that’s too Christian. I’m not a degenerate redneck, trying to force my views upon others. I’m not like them. I’m better than that. I want to help, but I’m not going to do it by such a decrepit means. No, I’ll let them choose. I’ll give them the choice they were never given before, and those who choose to accept will be enlightened. Yes. That’s how it will go. Absolutely. Ah ha!


I can feel it. I can feel the change coming over me.

Change is coming through my shadow. Consuming me.

I can feel the outside turning in. I want to feel the metamorphosis.

This isn’t theirs. They’ll never be able to comprehend it. I’ll need to do it on my own and watch everything from on high. This is not theirs. They’ll never understand. This is mine. Mine all mine. I’m taking what’s mine. Mine, mine, mine. Ha ha!


This is fate, this is the reason for my being. To … yes. This is mine, and this is my gift to the world. The maniacal energy to elevate them all to a higher ground.


[signed: Josh]













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